We are a team of competitive strategists who are driven to develop people and organizations around a plan for victory. E2 is built on the premise that even the most critical and difficult business challenges can be broken down simply and fixed with straightforward solutions.

While we help you determine those elements for your unique challenges, the foundation of what we do is based on the two elements necessary to create a winning environment, attitude and effort. Winning starts with having a team that brings a great attitude and gives their best effort every day

Let’s win together.


James Jackson

James is the founder and chief strategist of Element2. With over two decades of dynamic leadership experience, James is a change agent who has propelled everything from entrepreneurial startups, mid-size companies and major global corporations to striking success. He is the founder, former president and board member of Accelerate Madison, a high-level networking organization and startup incubator designed to connect IT Innovations with established businesses.

His passion for aligning the strengths of individuals with a clear vision led him to launch E2 in 2012.